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Professor Falkenmark is a globally renowned water expert and currently serves as Senior Scientific Advisor to the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). She joined Stockholm Resilience Centre in March 2007.

Malin Falkenmark was from 1965-2000 Executive Secretary, later Chair of the Swedish National Committee for Unesco's International Hydrological Decade/Programme.

In the 1970's, she lead the planning of the PhD school for Water and Environment Studies at Linköping University. Since 1986, she is Professor of Applied and International Hydrology. In 1991 she joined the Dept of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University, and the Stockholm Water Company where she chaired for 13 years the Scientific Programme Committee for the annual Stockholm Water Symposia.

She is a future-oriented water scientist, hydrologist by training, with broad interdisciplinary interests and a large number of publications in mainly four areas:

Looming water scarcity (incl. the book with G.Lindh “Water for a starving world", Westview Press 1976)

Humans/land/water/ecosystem linkages (including the book with J. Rockström “Balancing water for humans and nature", Earthscan 2004; and Co-Editor with Carl Folke of a water issue of the Royal Society´s Transactions Biology in Dec. 2003, London).

Hydrology/ other natural sciences (chemistry, agriculture)

Hydrology/ policy-oriented issues (incl. several policy briefs in SIWI)

She introduced the “water crowding" indicator, the concepts “hydrosolidarity" and “green and blue water". She has received a number of international prizes.
Her current interests in the Center is  in the field of Food, Water, Ecosystems where she is involved in the production of three articles:

Building Resilience to Cope with Drought and Desertification - Disclosing the water perspective (co author M. Falkenmark & J. Rockström)

Water-mediated ecological consequences of intensive livestock production (coauthors L. Deutsch, M. Falkenmark, L. Gordon, J. Rockström, C. Folke)

Water Resources Management for Social and Ecological Resilience in a Future of Rapid Change -  Meeting the growing demand for food in water scarce tropical regions (co-authors J. Rockström, M. Falkenmark, L. Karlberg, H. Hoff. D. Gerten and S. Jachner)


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