Associate professor: comparative environmental politics
Phone + 46 8 16 28 69
Staff profile
Andreas Duit works in the field of comparative environmental politics, with special focus on large-scale collective dilemmas, institutional theory and methodological questions. Duit wrote his dissertation on the evolution of Swedish institutions of environmental protection.

After receiving his PhD in 2002 he has worked with research on natural resource management within the Millennium Assessment Project at the Centre for Transdisciplinary Environmental Research (CTM), Stockholm University.

On behalf of governmental evaluations committees Duit has written reports on electoral campaign financing, the effects of electoral reforms, and immigrant voters. Furthermore, on behalf of MISTRA and the Swedish Research Council, Duit has written a report on political science and the sustainable society.

During 2004, Duit was a STINT-sponsored Visiting Scholar at the Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University.

He is currently a project coordinator and researcher in the MISTRA-financed MAPLE-project, which studies environmental policy in a comparative perspective.

Beginning 2006, Duit is also coordinating the CTM-based project “Contested Species — An Interdisciplinary Approach for Understanding Conflict Dynamics in Wildlife Management", financed by FORMAS.  

Duit, A. and Galaz, V., 2008, Governing Complexity — Insights and Emerging Challenges, Governance 21: 311-335.

Duit, A. and Galaz, V. (2008) Governance in a ‘Wired World´ — Emerging Issues for Governance Theory". Forthcoming in Governance — An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions

Duit, A. (2007) “Path Dependency and Institutional Change: The Case of Emission Control in Sweden", Public Administration. 84:4, 1097—1118

Duit, A. (2006) “Understanding Environmental Performance of States: An
Institutional-centred Approach and Some Difficulties" (Quality of Government Institute Working Paper Series 2005:7)  

Duit, A., (2004) with Elmqvist, T, Colding, J, Barthel, S., Borgström, S, Lundberg, J., Ahrné, K., Erntson, H and Folke, C. “The Dynamics of socio-ecological systems in urban landscapes. Stockholm and the National Urban Park, Sweden." Annals of New York Academy of Sciences, 2004.

Duit, A. (2003) “Flykten till institutionerna. Socialt kapital, valinformation och etnisk mobilisering" in Henry Bäck and Maritta Soininen (eds.) Politisk annonsering eller nätverkande? Uppföljning och utvärdering av partiernas särskilda informationsinsatser till invandrarväljare vid 2002 års val
(Göteborg: Förvaltningshögskolan)

Duit, A. & Möller, T. (2003) "Finansiering av personvalskampanjer," in Utredningen om offentlighet för partiers och valkandidaters intäkter (Ju 2002:07).

Duit, A. (2002) “Staten och hållbarheten" in C. Von Borgstede Att göra rätt från början (Naturvårdsverket, Rapport 5226, 2002)

Duit, A. (2002) Tragedins institutioner: Svensk offentligt miljöskydd under trettio år, Stockholm: Akademitryck


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