Galaz, Victor in the news
Research news | 2014-09-11
Researchers join forces to strengthen research on global social-ecological connectivity
Research news | 2014-07-11
Using sulphate aerosols to tackle dangerous climate change unlikely to be a game-changer
Research news | 2014-05-08
Four experts on the global capacity to cope with surprise, shocks and propagating failures
Research news | 2014-04-23
New centre book discusses how technology poses novel risks, but also provides new possibilities
Research news | 2014-04-04
Centre partner in ambitious Lancet initiative on climate change and health
Research news | 2012-07-02
Centre researchers reply to criticism
Research news | 2012-05-22
Launch of interdisciplinary network for young researchers on social-ecological systems.
Research news | 2012-04-13
New innovation concept links social innovation, agency and resilience thinking.
Research news | 2012-03-13
Developing the scientific concept is one thing, coming up with appropriate governance strategies is quite another.
Research news | 2012-01-09
Polycentric governance can boost governance of planetary boundaries, but beware of pitfalls.

2010-11-07 | Sturle Hauge Simonsen

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