PhD student, Marine dynamics and fisheries management
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Jonas Hentati-Sundberg's research focuses on the social-ecological dynamics of marine system, with particular focus on fisheries. His main research areas are: 

- Behavioral adaptions in fishers and their influence on social-ecological system level outcomes. Specific research topics includes how social and ecological system factors shape fishing behavior, factors contributing to compliance/noncompliance to fisheries management and the role of social-ecological diversity in fisheries systems. This work builds on statistical analysis of detailed longitudinal data on Baltic Sea fisheries.    

- Drivers of long term social-ecological change in fisheries. Specifically, social-ecological regime shifts are investigated using statistical time series methods. This work builds on a unique 100-year database of Baltic Sea fisheries on social-ecological variables, aggregated by Swedish counties.  

- Links between complex ecosystem change and long-term seabird demographics and behavior. This work is focussed on Common Murres (Uria aalge) in Stora Karlsö in the Baltic Sea. Here, a large artificial breeding tower situated in the middle of the colony ("The Karlsö Murre Lab") were build in 2008, allowing for highly-detailed field studies. 

The work is performed in association with the Institute of Marine Research, Swedish Agricultural University, Lysekil, Sweden. Jonas holds an MSc degree in ecology from Stockholm University, which included studies in France, UK and Germany.

Before being accepted as a PhD Candidate, Jonas worked as a marine policy officer at the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. He also lead a construction of a world-unique artificial colony for breeding seabirds, and performed seabird field-work during a number of seasons in the main seabird colony in the Baltic Sea, the island of Stora Karlsö.


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