How to apply
This is an interest application. If you wish to apply for an advertised traineeship follow the instructions below and in the advertised Traineeship Proposal. If you would like to enquire about traineeship possibilities please follow the instructions below.
Given the ad hoc occurrence of traineeships and researchers' varied schedules, we cannot guarantee a rapid response or the availability of a traineeship. Please read all information regarding traineeships and visit our website before you write your application.

We will only consider applications that fulfil the requirements listed below and that clearly show the applicant has carefully studied both the Stockholm Resilience Centre website and the traineeship information.

1. In a Word document and in max 400 words you are to:
i)  motivate why you want to come to Stockholm Resilience Centre
ii) identify researcher(s) you would like to work with, motivating why you would like to work with them
iii) motivate why you are a good candidate - relevant skills and experience — to work with them

2. Please complete this with a brief CV. Please paste this into the Word document.

3. Submit this via email with the subject title "Traineeship application" to the identified researcher(s) in question (email addresses are found on our Staff pages).

Course fees
All Master's students at Stockholm University (regardless of citizenship) are exempt from traineeship course fees.

Master's students from all other universities (including Swedish, e.g. KI, KTH, SLU, etc.) are subject to fees as follows: Only students from other universities within the EU and Switzerland can do traineeships without paying a course fee. Other students must pay the course fee of 17 500 SEK for 7.5 credits and 35 000 SEK for 15 credits courses.

Note: ALL students MUST apply via and receive proof of admission before going to the Department of Biology Education to register.

Current traineeships


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