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Här hittar du de senaste nyheterna från centret. Fler pressmeddelanden, pressbilder samt nyhets- och videoarkiv finner du under News and Media på vår engelskspråkiga huvudwebbplats.
Latest news
Research news | 2015-11-30
The climate talks in Paris run 30 November - 11 December 2015, here is an overview of centre activities on site
General news | 2015-11-27
New campaign using cognitive technology to allow people to take in far more information than ever before
Educational news | 2015-11-26
Application deadline 15 January 2016
Research news | 2015-11-24
Study calls for structures that allow thinking fast and slow to spur new insights in scientific research
Research news | 2015-11-23
Book on food and life in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan handed out to local communities
Research news | 2015-11-18
The value of biodiversity particularly high in poor environmental conditions
Research news | 2015-10-13
Old and new developing country partners invited to apply for support
Research news | 2015-10-12
Recent crises are increasingly global and follow new kinds of patterns
Research news | 2015-10-07
Managing ecosystems for predictable outcomes may backfire, new study warns
Research news | 2015-10-01
Global marine resource exploitation can spread in similar patterns to disease epidemics


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