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Research news | 2014-08-05
Increasing exploitation of ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction present serious governance challenges
Research news | 2014-08-05
Increasing social-ecological interactions require legal systems that span across borders and contexts
Research news | 2014-07-23
Special issue of Current Conservation on why it's time to start thinking of cities as more than grey patches of asphalt and concrete
Research news | 2014-07-17
Finished with your holiday readings and tired of lying idle in the hammock? Below are listed the top ten most requested publications from the centre so far this year, perfect for lazy summer days
Research news | 2014-07-11
Using sulphate aerosols to tackle dangerous climate change unlikely to be a game-changer
Research news | 2014-07-02
More than two billion people at risk unless tropical coastal seas are managed like farms, parks or cities, scientists warn
Research news | 2014-06-26
"LEAD - Resilience thinking, exponential technologies and sustainable leadership programme" starts in September 2014
Research news | 2014-06-26
New approach helps connect actors with diverse knowledge about social-ecological governance
Research news | 2014-06-25
Nedan listar vi Stockholm Resilience Centres medverkan under Almedalsveckan 2014
Research news | 2014-06-24
Dags att lyfta debatten om en hållbar välfärd till en strategisk fråga för Sveriges framtid

2008-01-18 | Sturle Hauge Simonsen

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