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Research news | 2015-06-23
New Lancet commission on health and climate change presents opportunities and solutions amid serious climate change
General news | 2015-06-18
Pope’s encyclical well in line with Centre’s vision and concern for future sustainability
Research news | 2015-06-17
Amid climate change, restoring ecosystem services in urban areas not only environmentally sound and good for health but may also be financially smart
Research news | 2015-06-16
Call for papers has been extended to 21 June 2015
Research news | 2015-06-15
Study in PNAS teases out strategies for successful governance, for both people and ecosystems
Research news | 2015-06-12
Aquaculture industry has significantly reduced its antibiotic use - but there is still room for improvement
Research news | 2015-06-10
Seminar talk on the benefits of children being outdoor and exposed to nature
Research news | 2015-06-05
Special issue highlights the social importance of ecosystem services in urban areas
Research news | 2015-05-27
13 corporations control up to 40 per cent of world's most valuable fisheries
Research news | 2015-05-25
Establishment of bottom-up, no-take marine protected areas need trust, communication and support to succeed


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