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Research news | 2015-10-01
Global marine resource exploitation can spread in similar patterns to disease epidemics
Research news | 2015-10-01
The Anthronaut Experience – explore what it means to live in the Anthropocene
General news | 2015-10-01
Stockholm Resilience Centre staff donate to refugee relief
Research news | 2015-10-01
An upcoming hackathon will focus on ways of finding more sustainable fishing methods
Educational news | 2015-10-01
The course Urban Social-Ecological Systems runs each spring term and application deadline is 15 October
Research news | 2015-09-29
Centre researchers are collecting existing examples of sustainable futures
Research news | 2015-09-23
Hidden ecological effects of algorithmic trade and new financial instruments described in new study
Research news | 2015-09-21
Centre conference on transformations to sustainability 5-7 October 2015
Research news | 2015-09-21
Website offers inhabitants  of Stockholm the chance to map their favourite and least favourite areas of the city
Research news | 2015-09-21
Centre researchers featured in Ecological Society of America most influential papers ever


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