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Research news | 2015-05-19
ARTS-projektet organiserar en konsttävling i Stockholmsregionen
Research news | 2015-05-19
All our 2014 highlights summarized in the annual report
Research news | 2015-05-19
Ecosystem management that ignores "taboo tradeoffs" is likely to fail
Research news | 2015-05-18
Practices of the European Court of Human Rights support adaptive governance
Educational news | 2015-05-13
Centre student Kate Marion Williman described as a "superior student" with positive influence beyond the classroom
Research news | 2015-05-05
New management tool to guide Baltic Sea region towards increased sustainability
Research news | 2015-04-28
Call for sessions and papers in May and June
General news | 2015-04-23
Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum combine resilience science and photography to convey a new positive narrative
General news | 2015-04-22
On Earth Day, scientists publish essential elements for 2-degree celsius global climate agreement
Research news | 2015-04-21
Telling a story of resilience in practice: new book about food and life in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan
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