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Research news | 2015-02-19
Changes in Baltic Sea ecosystems will cause financial losses up to 120 million euros per year
Research news | 2015-02-19
Seven principles for building resilience in social-ecological systems
Research news | 2015-02-19
An introduction to a popular but often confusing concept
Research news | 2015-02-19
Why we have to stop consider nature and the environment as something separate from society
Research news | 2015-02-18
Seminar with Terry Hartig, Professor of Environmental Psychology, Uppsala University
Research news | 2015-02-18
Management of fragmented urban landscapes is challenging; network analysis can help improve it
Research news | 2015-02-12
Four ways to boost the effectiveness and implementation of the SDGs
Research news | 2015-02-10
Children who spend more time in nature show a better understanding of both natural resources and environmental degradation
General news | 2015-02-04
Carl Folke recognised by Belgium's largest university for "adding a new dimension to our thinking on sustainability"
Research news | 2015-01-28
Nordic marine researchers push for increased collaboration across disciplines in Nature Climate Change
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