In tune for the world's coral reefs
Gala concert to raise awareness of the world's coral reefs and the people depending on them.
Saving the world's coral reefs through music might just no be the first solution that comes to one's mind, but critical times call for creative solutions.
With that in mind, the famous Swedish soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson has decided to celebrate his 50th birthday by bringing together some of the world's leading musicians and scholars to a Stockholm gala evening in support of the world's coral reefs.
The event, which takes place at "Musikaliska" (Royal Academy of Music) on 14 October, will urge musicians, scientists and practitioners to join forces in saving the world's coral reefs.
Gaining momentum
Several Centre researchers will also participate, among them Per Olsson, an otherwise dedicated musician.
"There are many good examples out there of individuals and communities that have done a lot to manage coral reefs in sustainable ways, but unfortunately they struggle to make a difference on a global scale. We need to acknowledge and build on these good examples and link them together to gain some real momentum for change," Per Olsson says.
Soon-to-be-50 Anders Paulsson has gathered more than one hundred musical friends, including Adolf Fredrik's Music Classes, UST Singers Manila, St. Johannes Chamber Choir, Mimmi Sandén, Patrik Jablonski, Coste Apetrea Band, Morgan Ågren and Svante Henryson.
"Music can help strengthen friendships across the world. That somebody cares on the other side of the planet can inspire mutual commitments to better stewardship of our natural resources," Anders Paulsson says.
Music as an act of change
The seminar is co-organised by Albaeco and in addition to Per Olsson, it will also feature centre director Johan Rockström, science director Carl Folke as well as Magnus Nyström and Fredrik Moberg.
They have all extensive experience in doing coral reef research. Other contributors include Gerardo Ledesma, founder of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Peter Raines, founder and CEO of Coral Cay Conservation, Kajsa Garpe, coral reef ecologist and fish expert, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and students from Globala Gymnasiet (the Global College) in Stockholm.
"It goes without saying that music can't save the world's coral reefs, but history is replete with examples of how music can act as a force for change. In this spirit, this combined concert and seminar will focus on finding solutions on how we can reverse current global trends of coral reef degradation," says Per Olsson.
"Such solutions see humans as part of ecosystems, embrace the complexity of coral reef ecosystems, enhance partnerships that span multiple institutional levels and sectors, and recognize the capacity of local people to be stewards of seascapes," Olsson says.
Time and place
Friday 14 October, 1800-2200

Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11

Read more about the event here


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