Author(s): Troell, M., N. Kautsky, M. Beveridge, P. Henriksson, J. Primavera, P. Ronnback, and C. Folke
In: Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, 2nd Edition.
Year: 2012
Type: Book chapter
Theme affiliation: Marine.
Link to centre authors: Folke, Carl, Troell, Max.
Full reference: Troell, M., Kautsky, N., Beveridge, N., Henriksson, P., Primavera, J., Ronnback, P., Folke, C. 2012. Aquaculture. In: Levin, S. A. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, 2nd Edition, Elsevier, New York.
Publication review
No information available

2011-12-16 | Sturle Hauge Simonsen

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