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Transdisciplinary PhD Group
The Transdisciplinary PhD Group aims at facilitating and stimulating an extended dialogue on environmental research across faculty boundaries, with special focus on both theoretical and practical issues.
The Transdisciplinary PhD Group is a cross-faculty forum for PhD students from different departments at Stockholm University. Currently there are five PhD candidates from the departments/faculties of Law, Philosophy, Education, Systems Ecology and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Other PhD candidates from Applied Environmental Sciences, Ethnology, Landscape Ecology, Education, Geological Sciences, Human Geography, Meteorology, History, Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Political Science and Marin Ecotoxicology are also part of the larger forum, open for the discussion through philosophy and sciences.

The Transdisciplinary PhD Group, organized and supported by Stockholm Resilience Centre, started in the spring of 2000 as a part of the former Centre for Transdisciplinary Environmental Research. At that time about
40 PhD students were involved in this group.

The current PhD members started in August 2011 with the conformation of the new forum based on current research interests, where different activities such as seminaries, workshops and lectures will be organized during the following years.

Due to the complexity of specialized languages and differences in disciplinary expertise, a transdisciplinary approach requires recurrent interaction in open discussions in order to understand and accept different perspectives, methods and interpretations. Therefore, the PhD group constitutes a much-needed forum for PhD students from different disciplines with a shared interest in environmental research.

In this way, researchers get to communicate with people from different academic backgrounds already at an early career stage. This is a precondition for successful interdisciplinary research, and several of the younger scientists at Stockholm Resilience Centre have a background in this forum.

Cornelia Ludwig
Date: 2011-11-17