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An overview of scenario development related to the State of the Baltic Sea
The results from the questionnaire for Baltic Sea relevant scenarios are now available.
In order to get an overview of existing scenario work, dealing with issues relevant for the Baltic Sea, the BalticSTERN Secretariat formed  a working group, with the mission to assess ongoing activities and with a first initiative to send out a questionnaire in June 2011.

The purpose of this survey was to capture the model-based scenario development connected to environmental state of the Baltic, which is  why the questionnaire was sent out to different research projects/institutions (e.g. all BONUS+ projects).

Questionnaire results
The questionnaire resulted in replies from 17 studies, of which the majority developed more than one scenario.

We have now compiled the results from the questionnairePDF (pdf, 1 MB), and this can serve as a guidance in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, especially with regard to addressing the cost of degradation (article 8.c), since the studies captures six of the eleven descriptors (biodiversity, invasive species, commercial species, eutrophication and ecological effects of contaminants) of this directive.

A more in depth description of each scenario study can be found in EEA’s catalogue of scenarios studies.

Download information

ResultsPDF (pdf, 1 MB) of the questionnaire

Contact details:

Siv Ericsdotter
Head of secretariat
Tel: +46 8 707 86 25

Kerstin Blyh
Environmental economist, policy analyst
Tel: + 46 73 707 8620


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