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The future of the Baltic Sea
Blue growth, green limits - values at risk
Workshop 22 May in collaboration with WWF.
WWF, BalticSTERN and the Stockholm Resilience Centre invite you to a workshop which will focus upon the following questions:

- How will the tremendous projections for 'blue growth' be managed within 'green limits'?
- What benefits are at risk and how can they be valued?
- How can we ensure a healthy, resilient marine environment able to provide benefits now and in the future?

Please join us, together with an international cross-section of public and private sector representatives, to address this increasingly urgent topic.

The workshop will explore some emerging trends, which will help illustrate how the choices we make today will influence our own future as well as the future of the Baltic Sea.

Kindly confirm your attendance by 18 May to: or

Sturle Hauge Simonsen
Date: 2012-05-14