Scientific committee
Members of the PECS scientific committee.
Carpenter, StephenPDF (pdf, 42.3 kB) (USA)

Agarwal, Bina PDF (pdf, 44 kB) (India)

Balvanera, PatriciaPDF (pdf, 51.4 kB) (Mexico)

Campbell, Bruce PDF (pdf, 42.9 kB) (Indonesia/South Africa)

Castilla, Juan CarlosPDF (pdf, 52.8 kB) (Chile)

Cramer, WolfgangPDF (pdf, 53.3 kB) (Germany)

DeFries, RuthPDF (pdf, 40.1 kB) (USA)

Eyzaguirre, PabloPDF (pdf, 42.3 kB) (Chile)

Hughes, TerryPDF (pdf, 38.8 kB) (Australia)

Folke, Carl (Sweden)

Polasky, Steve (USA)

Scholes, BobPDF (pdf, 38.2 kB) (South Africa)

Spierenburg, MarjaPDF (pdf, 40.1 kB) (Netherlands)

Wardojo, Wahjudi (Indonesia)

Ex-officio members:
One representative from each of: ICSU, UNESCO and DIVERSITAS

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