Endorsement of new working groups
New working groups conforming with the aims and principles of PECS can apply for endorsement.
New working groups solicit endorsement from PECS. Endorsement by PECS obliges a working group to conform to the scientific aims, criteria of scientific scope and excellence, principles of openness and free exchange of data, as expressed in the science and implementation plans of PECS.

When an external project applies for working group endorsement, initial contact should be with the PECS International Programme Office (PECS-IPO), either directly or via a member of the PECS Science Committee (PECS-SC).

A formal request for endorsement should be sent to the chair of the PECS-SC or the PECS Executive Offices. The PECS-SC or PECS Executive Officer will inform the PECS-SC and will facilitate a decision by the PECS-SC. The applicant will be informed of the decision by the PECS Executive Officer.

Endorsement procedure
1. Contact the PECS Executive Officer or PECS-SC member regarding endorsement.

2. Send formal request for endorsement to PECS-SC Chair or PECS Executive Officer.

3. Upon receiving the request, the PECS-SC Chair or PECS Executive Officer will a) inform the PECS-SC of the request, b) inform the PECS-IPO of the request, and c) facilitate a decision about the request by the PECS-SC.

4. Once a decision is made by the PECS-SC, the PECS Executive Officer will inform the external project and the PECS-IPO of the result.

Endorsement criteria
The general criteria for endorsement of a new PECS working group are:

- Scientific excellence.

- Contribute to the content and direction of PECS, features, goals, aims and visions of PECS.

- Explicit description of interdisciplinary methods to be used.

- Relevance of cases to be used in relation to the PECS strategy and the degree to which the cases complement other cases in the PECS portfolio.

- Willingness and adherence to share data in transparent way.

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