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Resilience and Development programme
The Resilience and Development programme - ResDev (formerly known as Swedbio) - is a knowledge interface working for resilient ecosystem management and governance through policy and methods development, facilitation of dialogues, contributions to strategic programmes in developing countries and learning from the international partners for later dissemination.

About the programe
Overwhelming evidence, including the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), clearly demonstrates that humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively in the last 50 years than in any other period in history. This has contributed to substantial net gains in human well-being and economic development, but at the cost of large and increasing degradation of the majority of ecosystem services.
ResDev's objective is to contribute to poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihoods, equity and human wellbeing through development towards resilient ecosystems and societies, especially taking into account the need for adaptation and mitigation to ecosystems change such as climate change. To reach this aim ResDev promotes sustainable ecosystem management, in a landscape and seascape perspective, and development of good governance.
What we do
ResDev's intention is to contribute to an improved dialogue culture in its field of work. An important aspect of ResDev's work is the exchange of experiences and information between different actors and stakeholders, e.g. between grass-roots levels, science and policy and decision makers.

Over time, ResDev has been building trust and positive relations with a broad range of stakeholders, and has become internationally known and recognised as a strategic and well-respected contact that can contribute to international policy and methods development.

Our areas of expertise are agriculture, forestry, aquatic resources and urban and rural issues.
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Possibilities for collaboration
Through the Collaborative Programme ResDev provides financial support to a limited number of strategic initiatives that work with sustainable equitable management of biodiversity in the productive sectors to contribute to development of ideas, methods and policies regarding biodiversity, ecosystem services and resilience to contribute to local livelihoods.
ResDev supports networks, independent action-oriented research institutes, think-tank institutions, and civil society organisations, primarily based in developing countries, and that have implementing activities in developing countries.
Read more about the criterias for receiving support here

2011-06-28 | Sturle Hauge Simonsen

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