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Global dynamics

This theme studies the interactions between human activities and Earth's environment, where local and regional drivers can generate intertwined global-scale challenges like climate disorder, ocean acidification, declining fisheries, or crises in energy, food, and water

The theme builds on three major research strands:
1. Planetary Boundaries
This research explores planetary boundaries and their interactions and consequences for human wellbeing.

Contact: Sarah Cornell (Coordinator Planetary Boundaries).
2. Global dynamics, multiple shocks and inconvenient feedbacks
This research focuses on two key questions: what are the critical unrecognized, ignored or missing social-ecological links and feedbacks at the global scale, and what kinds of economic and governance structures can create long term conditions for human development?

Contact: Anne-Sophie Crépin (Theme leader)
3. Adaptive global governance of 'planetary boundaries' and complex Earth system interactions
This stream is also linked to the international Earth System Governance Project.

Contact: Victor Galaz (Theme leader).

A further introduction to this theme can be found in this discussion paper by centre partner The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics: Global Dynamics, Multiple Shocks and Resilience.

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Global dynamics news
Sturle Hauge Simonsen
Date: 2010-12-01