Publications by Global dynamics
Beyond Cockpit-ism: Four Insights to Enhance the Transformative Potential of the Sustainable Development Goals
Author(s): Maarten Hajer, Måns Nilsson, Kate Raworth, Peter Bakker, Frans Berkhout, Yvo de Boer, Johan Rockström, Kathrin Ludwig and Marcel Kok
Year: 2015
Type: Paper

Connected Risks, Connected Solutions
Author(s): Galaz, V., D. Galafassi, J. Tallberg, A. Boin, E. Hey, C. Ituarte-Lima, J. Dunagan, P. Olsson, R. Österbergh, F. Westley
Year: 2014
Type: Policy brief or report

Global Environmental Governance, Technology and Politics: The Anthropocene Gap
Author(s): Galaz, V.
Year: 2014
Type: Book

Assessment and characterisation of the organic component of atmospheric nitrogen deposition    
Author(s): Cornell, S.E.
Year: 2014
Type: Book chapter

Contrasting roles of interception and transpiration in the hydrological cycle – Part 2: Moisture recycling
Author(s): van der Ent, R. J., L. Wang-Erlandsson, P. W. Keys, H. H. G. Savenije
Year: 2014
Type: Journal / article

Does Aquaculture Add Resilience to the Global Food System?
Author(s): Troell, M., R.L. Naylor, M. Metian, M. Beveridge, P.H. Tyedmers, C. Folke, K.J. Arrow, S. Barrett, A.-S. Crépin, P.R. Ehrlich, Å. Gren, N. Kautsky, S.A. Levin, K. Nyborg, H. Österblom, S. Polasky, M. Scheffer, B.H. Walker, T. Xepapadeas, A.J. de Zeeuw
Year: 2014
Type: Journal / article

Approaches to defining a planetary boundary for biodiversity
Author(s): Mace, G.M., B. Reyers, R. Alkemade, R. Biggs, F.S. Chapin, S.E. Cornell, S. Díaz, S. Jennings, P. Leadley, P.J. Mumby, A. Purvis, R.J. Scholes, A.W.R. Seddon, M. Solan, W. Steffen, G. Woodward
Year: 2014
Type: Journal / article

Safe and just operating spaces for regional social-ecological systems
Author(s): Dearing, J.A., R. Wang, K. Zhang, J.G. Dyke, H. Haberl, M.S. Hossain, P.G. Langdon, T.M. Lenton, K. Raworth, S. Brown, J. Carstensen, M.J. Cole, S.E. Cornell, T.P. Dawson, C.P. Doncaster, F. Eigenbrod, M. Flörke, E. Jeffers, A.W. Mackay, B. Nykvist, G.M. Poppy
Year: 2014
Type: Journal / article

Climate Engineering Reconsidered
Author(s): Barrett, S., T.M. Lenton, A. Millner, A. Tavoni, S. Carpenter, J.M. Anderies, F.S. Chapin III, A.-S. Crépin, G. Daily, P. Ehrlich, C. Folke, V. Galaz, T. Hughes, N. Kautsky, E.F. Lambin, R. Naylor, K. Nyborg, S. Polasky, M. Scheffer, J. Wilen, A. Xepapadeas, A. de Zeeuw
Year: 2014
Type: Journal / article

Global networks and global change-induced tipping points
Author(s): Galaz, V., Österblom, H., Bodin, Ö., Crona, B.
Year: 2014
Type: Journal / article


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