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Marine theme

This theme actively addresses social-ecological dynamics in marine and coastal systems, and studies the transitions towards an ecosystem approach and other means to address the global marine challenge

Areas of focus include the dynamics of ecological feedbacks and regime shifts, and the capacity of society and managing institutions to address such complex ecosystem changes.

Researchers within the theme are studying tropical and temperate systems, involving research on coral reefs, sea-grass beds, fisheries, aquaculture, food webs and eutrophication. as well as implications from global trade dynamics for marine and coastal  management.

Methods include ecological and social field studies (inventories, interviews), ecosystem modeling, meta-analysis, and theoretical development. The theme host researchers from a range of disciplines (ecology, political science, economics, sociology, law) and collaborate with a range of international research institutions.

Theme members are also active in policy dialogues with stakeholders concerned with marine governance issues.

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Marine news
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How China under-report fish catches in foreign waters
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Benefits of saving the Baltic Sea exceeds costs by 1500 million Euros annually
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Shelley Clarke on China's powerful role in global fishing, seafood production and consumption
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Benefits of seaweed farming questioned as serious health problems surface
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New management approaches help change people's ideas about human—environment interactions
Research news | 2012-06-08
Sea cucumber harvesting in the Western Indian Ocean needs better management.

2010-12-01 | Sturle Hauge Simonsen

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