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Marine theme

This theme aims to provide a broader and deeper understanding of the resilience and dynamics of marine social-ecological systems

Research within the marine theme looks at the dynamics of the marine social-ecological systems, and how they are connected to and shaped by processes acting at local and global scales. Research includes both tropical systems around Australia, Hawaii, the East coast of Africa and South East Asia, as well as temperate systems like the Baltic Sea.

Important research areas include:

- the dynamics of marine ecological feedbacks and regime shifts
- the management capacity of society and institutions
- emerging challenges
- exploring alternatives for sustainable development pathways

Topics include for example coral reef dynamics, governance of global, regional, national and local fisheries, sustainability of aquaculture, marine food web dynamics, social-ecological health assessments, and management implications of global trade dynamics and geopolitics. Read more about our projects here.

The theme uses theories and methodological approaches from both natural science and social science. It critically seeks to improve and extend its analytic toolbox by continuously developing new transdisciplinary methodological frameworks. Researchers within the theme collaborate closely with several other themes at the Centre and leading international research institutes around the world, including Princeton and Stanford Universities, and the University of British Columbia.

Marine news
Research news | 2014-08-21
Does aquaculture add resilience to the world’s food portfolio?
Research news | 2014-08-05
Increasing exploitation of ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction present serious governance challenges
Research news | 2014-07-02
More than two billion people at risk unless tropical coastal seas are managed like farms, parks or cities, scientists warn
Research news | 2014-06-16
Unusually large populations of the land-living bird found on island in the Baltic Sea
Research news | 2014-05-06
How theories of innovation and agency can explain the emergence of Marine Spatial Planning
Research news | 2014-04-04
Seminar with Stuart Kininmonth, Tuesday 1 April 2014
Research news | 2014-02-14
Reducing climate change vulnerability around Amudarya River delta is possible but measures are considerable
Research news | 2014-02-05
Five features that can improve conservation efforts within marine protected parks
Research news | 2014-02-05
Funding boost for research on improved governance of Swedish marine systems
Research news | 2014-01-27
Unrealistic to think coral reefs can return to pristine conditions, more pragmatic management approaches needed


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