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Urban social-ecological systems

This theme focuses on urban social-ecological systems, where ecosystem services, biodiversity, societies and humankind are included in analyses of urban resilience and sustainability.

The continuous increase in the number and size of urban regions across the world, and the simultaneous shrinking of cities in some regions, pose great challenges for sustainable development. Local challenges include for example loss of species and habitats, social degradation of neighborhoods, and an overall erosion of resilience.

Urbanization patterns and the lifestyles of urban dwellers also affect the planet on wider scales in time and space. They contribute to shape bio-physical processes on planetary scales, and affect how humans around the world mentally connect with the Biosphere. However, through their local to global linkages, cities can play a key role in the quest to continuously and increasingly support sustainable development. Our research aims to be part of creating a better understanding of the challenges that cities are facing, and importantly, to also be part of creating solutions.

Recent activities:

- Nov 7th:Forskning och praktik kring Stockholm-Mälarregionens framtid. En dag för gemensamt lärande
A one-day stakeholder event to discuss the nexus of research and practice with actors in the Stockholm-Mälardalen region.
Contact people: Sara Borgström and Louise Hård af Segerstad

- Nov 27-28th: Conference: Sweden Urban Network
The first of its kind in Sweden, the two-day conference will gather researchers from across the country focusing on urban areas, ecosystems and sustainability. Contact people: Maria Schewenius and Erik Andersson

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Urban news

Research news | 2015-02-18
Seminar with Terry Hartig, Professor of Environmental Psychology, Uppsala University
Research news | 2015-02-10
Children who spend more time in nature show a better understanding of both natural resources and environmental degradation
Research news | 2014-12-12
A full day conference gathered a diverse group of actors to do a joint inventory of knowledge and identify future challenges
Research news | 2014-12-04
Centre hosts Sweden's first gathering of researchers as step in creating a network for urban, natural capital, and sustainability issues
Research news | 2014-12-03
Centre researchers launch new films linking the science and practice of common property initiatives in cities

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Theme contacts

Stephan Barthel, theme leader

Åsa Gren, theme leader

Maria Schewenius, project coordinator


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