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Urban social-ecological systems

This theme focuses on the resilience of urban systems and specifically how cities function as part of social-ecological systems

The continuous increase in the number and size of urban regions and transformation of landscapes pose challenges to ensure human welfare and a livable, sustainable environment. Urban regions create great demands for resources such as fresh water and generate large volumes of waste, but are at the same time hubs of services, knowledge, capital and innovation that offer solutions for humans and the environment.

The Urban Theme has build an extensive network of research groups in cities in Europe and around the world and lead a number of interdisciplinary project, such as the SUPER project -Sustainable Urban Planning for Ecosystem services and Resilience, Green wedges as urban commons, Urb-SENA: Multi-site analysis of urban social-ecological dynamics using social network analysis. Within the theme, new tools for visualization are under development, including Urban Planet and Urban Atlas.

The Urban theme is also involved in several global collaborations such as URBIS (Urban Biosphere Network together with IUCN and UNESCO), TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) and the Global Partnership on Cities and Biodiversity where the centre contributes with development of methodology and analyses of urban ecosystem services.

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Urban news
Research news | 2014-07-23
Special issue of Current Conservation on why it's time to start thinking of cities as more than grey patches of asphalt and concrete
Research news | 2014-06-17
New paper summarises 15 years of centre research in the Stockholm urban region
Research news | 2014-04-22
New easy introduction to the seven principles crucial for building resilient systems
Research news | 2014-02-21
300 international case studies prove investing in ecosystem restoration pays off
Research news | 2014-02-05
Clear message from Side event to the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals
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Changing diets and growing urban areas lead to greater reliance on risky food imports
Research news | 2013-11-28
How civic initiatives help restore degraded lakes in Bangalore
Research news | 2013-11-04
How resilience thinking can be useful in urban planning
Research news | 2013-10-04
How biodiversity conservation can greatly improve sustainable development
Research news | 2013-10-04
Hollywood actor Edward Norton fronts stunning new video on urbanization and biodiversity

2010-12-01 | Sturle Hauge Simonsen

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