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Research background
Humanity is a major driving force behind planetary change. Stockholm Resilience Centre aims to be an internationally recognised transdisciplinary centre within social-ecological research.
The centre aims to advance the understanding of complex social-ecological systems and generate new and elaborated insights and means for the development of governance and management practices in relation to ecosystem services and long-term sustainability.

Humanity is a major driving force behind planetary change. Major advancements in research over the past decade have shown the close interdependence between social and natural systems, and the fundamental role of ecosystem services for human wellbeing.

Human impacts on the capacity of ecosystems to support development challenge the sustainability of societies and the Earth system. The current institutional abilities to manage the earth´s ecosystems are evolving more slowly than the use of the same systems.

As a response to this local to global development challenge, the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra has decided to support the establishment of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The centre will develop innovative collaboration with relevant actors from local social-ecological systems to the global policy arena and advice policy makers from all over the world.


    Research background
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